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About The Show

It began innocent enough.   Build a late night talk show set in my garage, and challenge myself to see who are the most famous people I could get to actually stop by, in person, for a ten minute interview.   As it turns out, they did show up.   Celebrities, musicians, actors and the like.
Though I built the desk, then the set, and wrote and recorded the theme music, it became apparent that I was going to end up having to do most everything else myself as well - right down to running 7 cameras and audio, booking the guests, and editing the show.





What arose from the sawdust and garage grime was a show that is loose, rough around the edges, and fun - reminiscent of 1980's era David Letterman.  Instead of a velvet curtain, guests enter through the garage door, ceremoniously opened by  Pete Scifo -  The professor.  The king of cool, and a brilliant writer and producer who occasionally does his laundry during the show.


The Professor

My Story

Brian Kelsey_FOX.jpg

I started as a radio host and voice actor, working in New York City radio on legendary stations such as Q-104.3 and K-ROCK.  It was at K-ROCK where I met Howard Stern and began working for him as a writer, producer and as the 'voice' of Howard.  After years of voice-over's and creating ridiculous bits for Howard, the opportunity to work for Martha Stewart presented itself. I became the host of a 4 hour live talk show on Martha Stewart Living Radio, nationwide 5 days a week.  During this time I started doing appearances on Martha's TV show demonstrating DIY projects. As a licensed contractor with extensive knowledge in this space the visibility led to appearances on The Today Show, HGTV, FOX, and eventually landed me a short run home renovation television show on NBC called 'Kelsey On The House'.  All along the way I played the role of editor, cinematographer, producer and continued voice overs.  Recently, I started a YouTube channel centered around media & tv/podcast production. This led to building a ridiculous television talk show set in my garage (of course) and ultimately seeing who is brave enough to stop by.

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