Alisyn Camerota

She's a CNN anchor and rock star journalist.   Not only was she kind enough to stop by my garage for 10 minutes in the beach chair, but she also gave me Geraldo Rivera's phone number so we could call and ask him for mustache advice.  Both, great sports and a fun interview.

Gino Vannelli

"I just wanna STOP, and tell you what I think about you babe..'.  You know the song from the 70's but that's just the beginning with this legendary singer/songwriter.  What a talented and spiritual person Gino is.  Such a pleasure to have him stop by for 10 minutes in what he called 'the sun chair'.

Stephanie Szostak

What a PISTOL.  She is one of the stars of the hit ABC series 'A Million Little Things' and she was a blast!  We enjoyed a beer, and debunked some rather awkward French myths,

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